About Us

Your Ultimate Playground for Unforgettable Moments

We’re delighted to welcome you to TruthOrDare.ai, another thrilling experience brought to you by the FunNightGames group. We are a trusted name in offering interactive, AI-powered social games that connect people across the globe.

Where AI Meets Social Games and Thrills

We’re not just your ordinary social gaming platform. We’re a convergence of ingenuity, technology, and intuition. In an era transformed by digital evolution, we’re here to make sure your fun is not just current but future-ready.

Our Journey

TruthOrDare.ai began as a gleam in the eye of a group of tech-savvy marketers who wanted to take online gaming to a whole new level. Our love for interactive entertainment found its perfect match in the evolving field of Artificial Intelligence. Together, they formed the cornerstone of what we’ve grown into today: a leading name in AI-integrated social games that are as fun as they are innovative.

Our Beliefs

In a world where the Internet has made us more connected yet paradoxically more isolated, we aim to do more than just catch your eye. We aim to capture your imagination. We believe in the power of shared experiences, amplified by the intelligence and customization capabilities that only AI can offer.

Every Moment Counts

Your time with TruthOrDare.ai is more than just a game; it’s a memory in the making. Whether you’re looking for a lively evening with friends or a unique way to spice up a social gathering, we’ve got the game for you.

Why Choose Us?

We’re not only about delivering unforgettable games. We’re about making your experience unforgettable too. We place great importance on customer feedback and strive to continually refine our games to match your expectations for quality and fun.

The Team

We’re proud to be a part of the FunNightGames group, renowned for producing engaging and inclusive social games for all ages and occasions. Our team consists of skilled game designers and developers who are committed to pushing the envelope in what social gaming can be.

Connect With Us

Be a part of this exciting journey toward creating moments you’ll cherish forever. Let’s build a community that celebrates life, fosters genuine connections, and above all, has a fantastic time doing it!

Thank you for choosing TruthOrDare.ai, a proud member of the FunNightGames family and a trading name of Lezgo Limited. Headquartered in the bustling tech landscape of Israel and registered under the number #516280674, Lezgo Limited has been a pioneering force in web technology and digital marketing since its foundation in 2020.